The outbreak of corona virus has caused a lot of distress amongst a lot of individuals especially related to its symptoms like fever, cough, cold, etc and also related to the queries like:

Q) What are the symptoms of covid-19?

Q)  What all measures to be taken during the self-isolation?

Q What should be the diet of the person who has tested positive of corona virus?

 Shoppingsquare understands the situation of the outspread of COVID-19 that is why, it has collaborated with Vrriksha heath care, a fitness organization, consisting of physicians, dieticians, MBBS doctors, consultants, etc., so that they can guide you and consider your queries related to the pandemic. Vrriksha heath care is based in Bangalore and is collaborating with shoppingsquare, understanding the situation and helping you and guiding you with all the covid-19 related information, queries, etc.

They will help you with your queries related to the corona virus and, also how to deal with it and various other topics as such so that we don’t panic in such situation and, follow and adhere to the proper steps to self heal ourselves and not just be dependent on the healthcare facility. One can connect with them via email which is, [email protected] or one can whatsApp on the number, 6009515041 , and they will help you and deal with your queries.

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