Why Sell online?


Why us?

    • Equal opportunity to all
    • Wider reach with more customers
    • Growth in business
    • A platform to sell online
    • Retailers can create their own online store
    • 24*7 support for retailers and customers

If you want to sell on Shopping Square.To know how to sell on shoppingsquare visit here

You will need an  access of seller dashboard. You can do this by creating an account following the given steps. It only requires two things:

  • You need GST/ PAN information of your selling business.

  • An active bank account to deposit payment

  • Cancel cheque Mandatory

How to sell online your product here?

Tutorial Video on How to sell online

See the full tutorial on How to create a account at Shoppingsquare.

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Know who we are

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ShoppingSquare North East India’s ultimate e-commerce site. Established in November 2020, Prakash Gupta along with Kishan Gupta started shoppingsquare.in. ShoppingSquare is a platform where we connect the buyers  to the seller directly, totally skipping out the middle man.

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Why Sell on Shopping Square?

One should choose shoppingsquare because it is an online website which provides the retailers a platform to display their item and open their very own e-shop. Also, it charges very minimum annual interest from the retailers and vendors who are willing to connect with ShoppingSquare.

  • Selling products online allows the retailer to connect with people from different areas helping them to expand their business.
  • It is very cost effective for retailers as they can simply just work from home selling their goods rather spending their days in another place where they have to give travel expense, etc.
  • One can also get customer insights, insights about their products in terms of demography, etc.
  • It is estimated that in 4-5 years 84% of the population will be dependent on online platform more than local shopping clearly indicating the influence of online media and market.
  • It is easy to interact with customers via online platform than the face to face basis.
  • One can tag the prices of their goods as they want and need not to care about the bargaining with customers.

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