Since the outbreak of the pandemic, everyone has become cautious about this outbreak of COVID-19 virus. It all started in the 2020 and still continues in 2021. Indian Premier League (IPL), which is a professional and a very popular league celebrated all over India has put some strict guidelines regarding the IPL during the COVID times. Every member is checked thoroughly and goes through a series of tests and other preventive measures so that the audience romanticizes their love of cricket even during the dreary times like these.

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The delivery partners are checked before delivering your box of excitement to your doorstep and make sure that you receive that box of joy with safety.

So this IPL season enjoy the craze and excitement of this league with your friends and family and a box of amazing and delicious snacks right at your doorstep. And, let’s not forget about the uninvited guests to hop into your house and share the box of joy with them!

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