Shoppingsquare recently came up with a special trivia game as ‘predict the result and win’ where people can participate in this fun trivia game and win amazing and exciting goodies. This started from the onstage of IPL, where one has to predict about the matches and later, on the prize declaration day, they might get a chance to win some exciting goodies by Shoppingsquare

Now the question is… what are the goodies exactly? Well, here is a sneak peek into the goodies that will be given to some lucky winners on weekly basis!!

IPL Contest Predict and Win the Contest
IPL 2021 Contest

One might get a chance to win a t-shirt, shirt, watch, coupons, offers on products, books, gift items, etc.

The results will be declared on our Facebook Page. Do follow the page to get updates.

Click here to visit to the page for joining contest.

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