Impact of online shopping on local business and retailers in India

Technology and Online platforms make easy everything in today’s world, from shopping to banking, from connecting with people to switch ON a fan, everything is at our fingertips. The introduction of online websites where one can purchase or sell their goods via the use of the internet has made life a lot easier for human beings especially, for the ones who barely get any time to take rest. But, one cannot deny the impact of online shopping on local businesses in India.

People have become more conscious about their preferences and since living in the era where one is constantly busy with their phone and where life becomes difficult to manage if we don’t have any electronic device around us. Not just that, the online market is handier and saves a lot of time as the product along with the description is gives on the sites and one can also read and be informed about the product authenticity/ quality just by reading the reviews on these online portals.

Online market has really affected the market as a whole. High brands like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Versace, etc already had their websites which itself shows the luxury of the products following the lower high level brands like Sketchers, Puma, Adidas, Nike, H&M, Zara, Vero Moda, Benetton, Forever21, etc also have their websites displaying all the products possible for selling.

But nowadays, technology has become so user friendly that even if someone who wants to start their brand they just need to get some legal process done and then majorly, the next process they do is open an online website.

They are not as user friendly and technology friendly as the world has become. They don’t have the resources or, the information about opening their online portal. Their business is a small set up that cannot be set up at various places even though having the products availability at par. They cannot understand the boom of online market taking over their small scale business. Retailers are able to offer their customers more options in regards to home delivery, pricing and coupons. The online stores expose the brand to more potential customers because of the wider range of products, privacy when shopping, and more convenient shopping.

Impact of online shopping on local business and Retailers is as such:

  1. People have become more conscious towards their preferences and likeliness due to the outbreak of COVID -19 and are more conscious and aware affecting the local business in terms of trends and forecasting.
  2. Not connecting to the outside world by the means of internet, local retailers lack the sense of what I going around affecting their business.
  3. The sales of local vendors have decreased after the introduction and the facilities provided by the online platform which makes the sustainability of the local retailer below par.
  4. Because of the increase in popularity of the online market, the local vendor suffers due to the lack of knowledge in terms of trends, color schemes and till the time they have the products there the product’s reach is already out.

These are some of the very few points that impacts the local vendors and how much it affects their business. Times like these, where one cannot move out, the online platform becomes more adaptive. Therefore, retailers should switch to online portals for their business because:

  1. It is estimated that more that 75% of people prefer online shopping and it has now increased due to the pandemic, as for every product available in the market generally, people prefer to buy it online than to take the risk of going outside in the crowded place.
  2. They reduce the amount of tax that the retailer has to pay if switched to online mode of business.
  3. Since the growth of e-commerce in India is taking pace rapidly which in 4 years is estimated to be around 84%, it is clearly evident that the future is all going to be depending on the internet for almost every work possible and, due to the outbreak of COVID-19 it has also increased rapidly.
  4. E commerce is more of a flexible and adaptive approach for the customers/consumers so that is why there is a sudden bent towards this platform rather than, outdoor shopping. More and more people are drawn to the concept on online shopping.
  5. It will help them to expand their business on a much larger scale and help them more financially.
  6. It will give them a plethora of opportunities and contacts helping them to expand their business and outshine on many levels.

These are some of the challenges that are faced by the people who are not used to the introduction of the online platform or cannot avail to the possibility of having an online website of their own.

Shoppingsquare is an online portal which helps such highly crafted, authentic and hardworking online retailer to have a platform where they can put their products into the display which will be noticed by various people all across India. To know about how to sell online visit our blog section Or directly sign up as a vendor on Shoppingsquare

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One just needs to fill in the information in the various dialog box provided of about how to connect with the site and log in and become a member to this site and fill in a few other information like, their name, address, state they are living in, bank details, shop detailer, their phone number, etc so that ShoppingSquare can verify the shopper’s authenticity and then can become a member and display their items there.Know about the whole process of sign up here

Whereas, the customers on the other hand, when visiting the website and selecting the product of their own choice can easily view the product and get to know about it by the description given about the product and also has an advantage to talk directly with the retailer so that the transparency is maintained throughout the process from selecting the item and putting it into the cart to getting that box right outside your doorstep!

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