The outbreak of the pandemic has affected a lot of industries like the automobile industry, the fashion industry, and others but the major loss has gone to the local retailers and their businesses especially where one is facing problems to connect to the fast pace world of technology. “How to sell online” this question has arrived in the mind of each local retailers and business person who has been affected a lot due to pandemic and wants to grow his business

During this pandemic, people have faces a lot of problems where their businesses stopped all of a sudden and it was a very difficult situation to survive.

There were many hashtags that were in support of the local businesses and local artists so as provide them a platform and help them a little, financially. Some of the hashtags were #supportlocal(27.1M)  #supportlocalbusiness(5.7M) #supportlocalartist(1.9M).

Selling the product online is not a big deal . You just have to visit a right platform .

If you are a seller and want to know about “How to sell online” then you are at a right place. You have your products and we can provide you a right platform where you can sell your products online without any investment.

Shoppingsquare is one of such platforms where small-scale businesses can connect themselves to their specific consumers so as to increase their reach and help in their expansion all across India with a bare minimum interest in return.

Any small retailers could be a part of such start-ups as they are open for small retailers to opt in their platform.

Lets us help you with a example of Shoppingsquare

To apply and be a part of ShoppingSquare, one needs to

Open the website

  • Click on my account .

Click on the option, “I am vendor”

Fill the required details. Enter register.

After you have registered in the website, you will receive a mail on your account for verification, you need to select on register.

There will be a new window as vendor setup and one needs to press on ‘Let’s go’

On the next window fill in the details about your address and set up your store then click continue,

Fill in your Payment details, Fill IFSC code in place of IBAN number  then click continue,

Voila! Your dashboard is ready.

After which one needs to go to the dashboard of the site and then press on settings and then one has to verify their store by filling details about their store, their phone number and also address verification.

After this your store is ready in Shopping Square and you can display your products.

You can sell your products all around India and increase your contacts via ShoppingSquare.

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